B.O.E. Blue Jay Good News October, 2017
B.O.E. Blue Jay Good News October, 2017
Mary Kay Raether
Wednesday, October 18 2017

Monthly, Good News Jar items are submitted by staf members and are read at the regular meeting of the Board of Education.  Octobers Good News...

-Submitted by Keith Schneider:  Ashley Pernsteiner and Kira Browne made the Wisconsin All state Treble Choir and will be performing at the Overture during our state music convention at the end of the month. Congratulations!

-Submitted by Mike Klingbeil:  From Todd Clark, Director of Communications, WIAA; I wanted to share this Sportsmanship Plus report from the official that worked your football game last week. Congratulations and thanks for your efforts and those of your coaches and student-athletes in making high school sports a positive and educational experience for all involved! Please share with all those you believe appropriate.  “My crew would like to commend the sportsmanship displayed by both schools during this hard fought contest on Friday. The coaches and players displayed exemplary sportsmanship throughout the contest. This was truly an honor to officiate this contest. Thank you for the opportunity! Also to be commended was the hospitality that Mr. Klingbeil and his staff at Cambridge High School provided us throughout the evening. Best of luck to both Cambridge and Darlington High Schools the rest of the season!”

-Submitted by John Leadholm:  In conjunction with the Cambridge School District's Wellness Plan Initiatives, Mrs. Jones the Nikolay Middle School Principal has started a "Walking Wednesdays" group.  Each Wednesday following the students completing their lunch, Mrs. Jones invites any students and staff to join her in a neighborhood walk during the recess time.  Many students and staff have taken advantage of this healthy, fun activity. Thank you Mrs. Jones for modeling healthy lifestyle choices for our students. 

-Submitted by Keith Schneider:  CHS would like to thank our class advisors for their leadership in helping their respective classes plan and carry out all of the Homecoming activities.  Those include:  Freshman Class Advisors--Denise Parker & Thea Nelson, Sophomore Class Advisors--Laura Emrick & Jason Benisch, Juniors Class Advisors--Kody Kolata & Derek Bettenhausen, Senior Class Advisors--Nathan Gerlach & Raquel Parish.  Great job everyone!!

-Tracy Smithback-Travis read a thank you note from Mr. and Mrs. (Kathy) Bob Nodolf thanking the Board, Administration and all involved in the Nodolf Field Dedication for all their efforts and the honor.