B.O.E. Blue Jay Good News - February 19, 2018
B.O.E. Blue Jay Good News - February 19, 2018
Mary Kay Raether
Friday, February 23, 2018

Submitted by Keith Schneider - On behalf of Chris, Krista and myself, we'd like to thank Joanna Jablonski (Grade 4 teacher) for stepping up to support our ELL students.  She volunteered to test our ELL students in the annual ACCESS testing for ELL. She participated in the professional development and was certified to test our students.  All of our CES ELL students are not tested. Nice job Joanne! ~Chris, Krista, Keith

Submitted by Emily Klingbeil – Cambridge FFA – The membership of the Jefferson County Agri-business Club voted on the grant request at the January 16th meeting.  The $1,000 grant was approved for your special project.    

Submitted by Keith Schneider - This is great news about our implementation of CPM at NMS! Dear Cambridge Math Teachers and Leaders—Thank you so much for the time last week to open your doors to support from CPM. What a great example of a partnership in education. When I visit classrooms I look for the 3 pillars of Collaborative Learning, Problem Based Learning and Mixed Spaced Practice and it was so very evident that these are all solidly in place in your math classrooms. I saw nearly 100% of your students engaged in the mathematics of the lessons I viewed. That is something to celebrate. I was able to connect with Maria Orlando and am adding her to this email. I am attaching information about an Intervention Webinar that we held last summer in Wisconsin and that was recorded. Feel free to share the recording beyond this group as well. I was not able to connect with the special education staff at your middle school. If we would like to set up another time for me to just come meet with them I am more than open to that. Thank you again for your professionalism, your support for learning and your hard work that was so evident to me. I will continue to check in with you and please know you can contact me at any time. 

Submitted by Katie Gerlach – CHS students attended Dorian Vocal Music Festival.  Ashley Pernsteiner was a semifinalist on the solo competitions.  A huge honor. 

Submitted by Bernie Nikolay – Tracy Smithback-Travis, Board President, was honored by WASB, receiving a certificate and pin.