GSA Honored at School Board Meeting
GSA Honored at School Board Meeting
Mary Kay Raether
Friday, March 23 2018

  • Board Recognition of the GSA – Gender and Sexuality Alliance.  Member Representatives Lilly Coutts and  Jesse Demming, along with their Advisor, Ms. Kristin Gowan spoke to the Board about the group; its membership, goals, and activities.  

B.O.E. Blue Jay Good News - March, 2018

-Submitted by Chris Holt via MaryBeth Steven - On Monday, February 19th, I had the opportunity to provide 4 hours of professional development to a 3-8th language arts staff at Capital West Academy in Milwaukee. The topic was Getting a Grip on Grammar.  I shared the teaching method I use which I learned from Michael Clay Thompson. It involves students analyzing sentences in 4 levels (parts of speech, parts of the sentence, phrases, and sentence structure). It was a great opportunity and my presentation was well received!

 - Submitted by Janelle Bamlett - Denise Olson, Senior, received the Louis Sasman Award from the Madison Kiwaini Club yesterday at a luncheon.  They recognize one student each of the FFA Chapters in Dane County.  She was nominated by Emily Klingbeil for this award. 

- Submitted by Colleen Larsen - Sat. Feb. 24th, 115 MS and 110 HS students traveled to WI Heights for the annual WSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival- these instrumental and vocal musicians have been preparing for solo, duet, trio or small ensemble performances for about 2 months. 

There are 3 levels of music difficulty: Class C is for intermediate players, Class B is upper-level intermediate, and class A is advanced.  NMS 1st year participants are registered as "comment only"- after they perform they get immediate verbal feedback from their adjudicator and will also get a form with written comments. 

Older students get verbal and written critiques  but additionally are rated: a "1" being the highest and "5" being the lowest. A great part of this is that everyone can get a 1 if their performance is done well, so it's really about individual improvement and learning rather than competition.  Class A musicians can also earn a Superior rating (a 1*) and advance to the state festival. 29 Cambridge events are advancing to State, 61 events earned a 1, 58 events earned a 2, and 6 events earned a 3. Our students represented Cambridge well and made us proud! 

- Submitted by Lori Hughes  – March 14th, Pi Day, was an exciting one for 7th grade math classes at NMS!

We had presentations from students playing musical instruments with the first 50 digits of pi transposed to their instrument key,  reciting the Greek alphabet and writing their name in Greek, demonstrating Buffon’s Needle, discussing US House Resolution 224, describing the Fibonacci Sequence, measuring circular objects and calculating pi from circumference divided by diameter, reading from literature Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi and creating (and illustrating) a new ending, reporting on the life and accomplishments of Albert Einstein! It was all very exciting! Thank you to those that provided pie, whether homemade or not! 7th graders were able to celebrate with pie donated by parents! Everything was fantastic! It was a great day!

- Submitted by Maria Orlando - Kathryn and Nathan Gerlach are the epitome of musicians that understand and live by the phrase the show must go on.  They certainly provide an outstanding example for their high school music students, and we should be so appreciative they work for the Cambridge School District.  On Saturday, February 24th, the Gerlachs spent the day at Wisconsin Heights Middle/High School supporting, directing, accompanying, and encouraging our district’s musicians at the conference solo and ensemble competition.  The bus left the high school at 6:00 a.m.  Sometime during the long day, Nathan learned that the Markesan girl’s basketball team would be bringing their pep band to that evening’s regional championship game at Cambridge High School.   Nathan rallied the high school musicians, and was in the gym that evening conducting a great battle of the bands between our high school pep band and the students from Markesan.  This was the culmination to an exhausting and exciting 16+ hour day for the high school band department.

Last night, March 12th, Kathryn directed the high school choirs in a combined spring concert with the Nikolay Middle School students.  The music was beautiful and inspired.  Mrs. Gerlach spent the day preparing her students for the concert even though their daughter was ill.  The parents of her choir students would have completely understood if the concert were rescheduled, however Kathryn powered through with a brave face and the students gave a fabulous performance.  The dedication Kathryn and Nathan have for our district’s music program is to be applauded.  We are so fortunate.

 - Submitted by Nathan Korth - "I had the opportunity to present at a small conference in Sun Prairie about the success I have seen in my Health classroom. I was able to share my resources and lessons on Mental/Emotional Health, Nutrition, and Goal Setting.  My presentation focused on the positive responses I have seen from both students and parents on my most engaging lessons.  I am so proud to represent the Cambridge School District and to showcase our student's successes!"

- Submitted by Chris Holt - Thank you again for applying for a Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant. We are thrilled to share that we have selected your application for a $2,000 grant! This year we awarded 600 grants from over 1,300 applications and are so excited that your program is among them.  The Signee organization and contact for this grant is: CAMBRIDGE ELEMENTARY/Jennifer Scianna