Blue Jay Good News - May, 2018
Blue Jay Good News - May, 2018
Mary Kay Raether
Wednesday, June 06 2018

- From Sharon Daly:  5th grade students Kaylee F. and Amelia K. earned Top Ten Honors at the Yahara River Writers  Contest award ceremony on May, 8 at UW- Madison. Kaylee's winning entry was a poem and Amelia earned Top Ten Honors for a cartoon. The contest is sponsored by the Greater Dane County Advanced Learners Network.  4th Grade Haiku contest -  Malina S. was honored at the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner Network Haiku awards. Malina's haiku was selected from over 1500 entries. At the recognition ceremony the presenter, Professor Kern from UW. Madison, specifically mentioned how much he liked her haiku. Professor Kern teaches Japanese literature and visual culture and is the editor and translator for a recently published book of Haiku from Penguin Press.

LIma, Peru  I don't speak Spanish, Yet we played on the same beach, Hot sun shining down.

Malina S.

- From Denise Parker:  We would like to congratulate Dani Gratz for being accepted to The Shedd Aquarium High School Marine Biology Program.  She 1 of 20 students chosen out of 400 who applied.  She will be spending time in the Bahamas this summer as well as 6 days on a boat in the ocean conducting research through this program.  Congratulations Dani!

- From Keith Schneider and AP Teachers:  Congratulations.  Your school is the recipient of a 2017 Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council PaceSetter Award.  The 2017 PaceSetter award is the result of your school student participation and performance on the 2017 College Board Advanced Placement Exams. 

- From Chris Holt:  I was thrilled to receive this wonderful packet of thank you notes from your students.  I want to thank each and every one of them for taking the time to tell me in their own words what my visit meant to them.  I will cherish these notes and keep everyone in my special scrapbook. Visiting your school and meeting your staff and children is exactly the kind of interaction I envisioned when I wrote this special storybook.  I loved explaining my experience with the writing process, and perhaps I inspired someone to become a writer.

I would love to see your new Kindness Garden that you were talking about getting started. I would also love to come and visit your school again.  Some schools simply touch your heart, and Cambridge Elementary was one of those.

Please tell your students to keep up the good work from me, and that I so appreciated getting their notes.

Kindness comes in so many forms. Most Sincerely, Sally Schnarr, Author, Sally the Stone and Friends 

- From Jennifer Fleener:  Every spring our World Flags AFS chapter tries to do presentations in area schools to help promote global awareness through study abroad opportunities, hosting exchange students and also through service projects all over the world. Julia Feind was selected by our team development specialist (April Shern) to help give a presentation about being an exchange student here in the USA. There are about 60 students in our world flags team (southern wisconsin) and she was one of the three students who was selected to give a presentation to foreign language students at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison on Monday April 30, 2018. She presented with two other students (students from Brazil and Belgium) along with April herself. This was a great experience for her to share what she has learned and what she will bring back with her to Germany. It is a real treat to hear about these experiences from current exchange students and she did a great job connecting with a diverse group of students very different from what our school is like. I am very proud of her and all of her accomplishments this year. A true inspiration to all students!! Keep up the wonderful work Julia!  Thanks Keith for allowing us to do this! A great time by all for sure

- From Bernie Nikolay:  A new group of nursing assistance have COMPLETED THEIR RAIING AT THE Madison Area Technical College-Fort Atkinson campus and are ready to begin careers in the health care field or continue training in various medical-related programs at colleges and universities.  MATC’s Nursing Assistant (NA) class is a three credit 120-hour course offered every summer, fall and spring semester.  The NA class prepares students for employment as nursing assistant and is pre-requisite for any health care career programs.  Students learning basic nursing and personal care skills, client right, care of clients with dementia, and communication skills.  MHS Student Board Representative, Mackenzie Loether recently completed the course.