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6th Grade World Geography Course Description


6th Grade World Geography


The goal of World Geography is to help students understand that the world, in all its diversity, still conforms to certain systems and can be looked at, compared, analyzed, and evaluated through those systems.  The five themes of place, location, movement, region, and human environmental interactions can be applied throughout the globe.  In addition, when these themes are paired with sound geography skills, they will empower students to become better citizens of the world.  The students will be able to look at world events and their impact on countries, cultures, environments, and individuals.



Units of Study:                                                            Supplies:

Maps                           Australia                     Red homework folder

Latin America             Antarctica                   Student Planner

Middle East                China                           Two sharpened pencils

Africa                          Russia                         Paper

Europe                        Japan                           Spiral Notebook                                 



Grading Scale:                                                Grade Based On:

90 – 100  A                                                     Effort

80 – 89    B                                                     Class Participation

70 – 79    C                                                     Performance on daily assignments

60 – 69    D                                                     Performance on unit tests & quizzes




Assignments are to be completed by the due date.  It will be expected that late assignments will be turned in at the beginning of the next class.  Assignments not completed and turned in at the beginning of the next class may receive no credit.



Web Site:

I have my own teacher web site that can be accessed at  I will update the site with current homework assignments, tests and quizzes, and other important information. 



Teacher Info:

Maria Orlando

Nikolay Middle School,  423-7335, ext. 2102

Home,  423-9781



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