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Nikolay Middle School 6th Grade & New Student Orientation

Tuesday, August 19th.  8:30 - 10:30 a.m. 
Please arrive at NMS by 8:30 a.m. using the South St. entrance.
Students should gather in the cafeteria.
The Youth Center will be open starting at 10:30 this day for incoming sixth graders that would like to stay.

Beat the Academic Summer Slump!

Dear Parents and Guardians of Nikolay Middle School students:

I hope your summer is off to a great start and that the kids enjoyed their first week of Summer Break!

Although students and teachers alike enjoy the long summer break, it is a widely accepted fact that a three-month-long break makes it difficult for students to retain skills and concepts learned over the past school year.  Over the next two weeks, I will be contacting you with a couple ideas that may help us to “Beat the Summer Slump!” 

Beating the Summer Slump – Idea #1:  Master and Maintain Your MATH FACTS!

Math Facts (such as 7 + 8 = 15, 9 x 8 = 72, etc.) must be MASTERED, ideally before starting middle school.  The reality is that students do not need a teacher or a classroom to make this happen.  All they really need is a little bit of time and effort.

Many CES and NMS students used the website during the past school year to help them work toward that goal.  Whether your child has reached mastery in one or all 4 categories (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), the Xtramath website (when used correctly) is an excellent tool for mastering and then maintaining those vital math facts! 

One session on the Xtramath website lasts about 10 minutes.  Doing at least 5 sessions per week (each on a different day) REALLY makes a difference for nearly all students.  That’s only 50 minutes per week!  Most kids watch WAY more TV than that in ONE DAY!    

Xtramath is the best website I’ve found for reaching MASTERY, because it assesses what you’ve already mastered, identifies what you haven’t mastered yet, and then helps you GET THERE.  It continues to assess your mastery until you know ALL the facts, and that’s what we’re after.  Nothing less will do!

As a parent, you can have access to your child’s account to see how many sessions s/he has completed in a week, as well as how s/he is progressing from day to day and from week to week.

Be forewarned:  Your child is not likely to be excited about this idea. That’s understandable.  You may have to force the issue.  I am a parent too, and I’ve fought those battles.  In fact, I’m still fighting them.  They aren’t fun, but I do believe as a teacher and as a concerned parent that they are necessary and worth the struggle.  The fact is that 10 minutes a day is not that much time, and it can make a big difference in your child’s ability to grasp higher level skills when s/he returns to school in the fall.

Have I convinced you yet?  If you’re ready to jump on board, here are a couple suggestions. 

If your child has an existing Xtramath account, s/he may continue to use that account.  If you’d like to learn more about setting up an account, you can  email or go to and do a little research.  You may contact me throughout the summer with any questions.  Either way, I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to help your child BEAT THE SUMMER SLUMP! 



Nikolay Middle School 

6th Grade Supply List

2014-2015 School Year


*A red homework folder and daily planner will be provided for each student at NMS

***Each student should bring a box of Kleenex to each of their classes on the first day of school***


Required Items

Optional Items

        3 pens: blue, red, black (no gels)

        24 pencils (NON-mechanical)

        3 boxes of Kleenex (give to 1st hour teacher)

        4 – 1 subject spiral notebooks (non-perforated pages, if possible!!!)

        Pencil case

        TI-30 Series Scientific Calculator

        4 brown paper grocery bags

        Supply of loose-leaf paper

        Good supply of glue sticks

      2 pocket folder for Computers

     3” x 3” post-it notes (1-2 pads for math)

     1– Fine point Sharpee marker– black

      3 pronged folder (Spanish)

*Note: Teachers will provide starred items within the classroom when they’re needed for learning activities.


Colored Pencils *

Markers *


Scissors *

Folders *

Trapper Keeper

Locker Organizer

Suggested Supplies

Physical Education clothes

Suggested Supplies

(Have available at home for completing homework)

        Gym shorts (basketball style)

      Shorts need to be longer then your fingers when your arms are down at your sides

        Non-skid athletic shoes


        Sweat pants and sweat shirt (for outdoor use)


        Swimsuit during swim unit (girls wear a one-piece)  and Towel

Dictionary (or internet capability)


Colored Pencils

Red pens

Supply of loose-leaf paper



3” x 3” post-it notes (for math)


Technology  and Engineering


    1– 1.5” 3 ring binder

    1– Pair of Safety Glasses purchased  from Mr. Andersen on your 1st day of Tech Ed. The cost is $3.00(students will keep these for 6-8 grade Tech. Ed classes)


Blue Music Polo (purchased from school) Proper concert attire– black pants/skirt and shoes



7 & 8 Grade Supply List

2014-2015 School Year

A red homework folder and daily planner will be provided for each student at NMS

***Each student should bring a box of Kleenex to each of their classes on the first day of school***



Supplies Needed




Algebra & Pre Algebra

two 2-or 3- subject notebooks (any color)                                                BROWN PAPER BAG

2-3 – correcting pens (any color other than black or blue)                        BOX OF KLEENEX

Scientific calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30 series)

Ruler (metric/English (12 in.) clear plastic)

¼” x ¼” graph paper tablet ***NO SPIRALS, PLEASE!!!***

Plastic pencil box-(8”x5” x2”) to keep in classroom for Pre– Algebra B only

1– Fine point Sharpee marker –black

Civics –

7th Grade

US History – 8th Grade

1 – 2 pocket folder (BLUE)

2 – 1 subject notebooks                                                             BOX OF KLEENEX

Yellow highlighter                                                                    BROWN PAPER BAG

Index Cards


1 –  2 pocket folder  (PURPLE) 1-pair of  earbuds/headphones       BOX OF KLEENEX


1 – One-Subject Notebook (Color—your choice)                    BOX OF KLEENEX

1 – 2 pocket folder (GREEN)                                                


FACS – 8th Grade

1-   1”  3 ring binder  and loose leaf  paper

Hair restraint (for food prep labs)

Highlighter                                                                                BOX OF KLEENEX



 Tech Ed

Ear buds /headphones

1– 1.5”-2”  3 Ring Binder



2-3 blue and black pens

Colored Pencils                                                                   BOX OF KLEENEX

Ruler ( metric/English units)                                               BROWN PAPER BAG

2– Composition Notebooks-  No spirals please (Notebooks can be purchased from Ms. Scianna  for $3.00)

1 2-pocket folder (Yellow)


Headphones  same as ear buds Ed and computers)


1.5 or 2 inch binder

Red pens                                                                                    BOX OF KLEENEX





1 – 1”  3 ring binder                                                                 

Ear buds/headphones                                                                BOX OF KLEENEX




  Blue Music Polo (purchased from school)  Proper concert attire –black pants/skirt and shoes                                                                       BOX OF KLEENEX

Physical Ed

*required –Gym shorts (basketball style) shorts need to be longer then fingers when  arms are down at your side, Non-skid athletic shoes, T-shirt (school appropriate), sweatpants and sweat shirt (for outdoor use) , swimsuit  and towel for swimming unit

*All students should have the following:

·  a large supply of pencils (NON-MECHANICAL)

·  several erasers

·  a large supply of loose-leaf notebook paper





Message from the Dean,

School hours are from 7:50 a.m. to 3:14 p.m. Our doors open at 7:35 a.m. each day. On Wednesday’s, we will continue to have a one hour delayed start to allow for teacher collaboration.  School begins at 8:50 a.m. on Wednesdays.  Students may arrive at school on Wednesdays at 7:35 a.m. for structured activities or may wait to come to school until 8:35 a.m.

New this year we have had our front door equipped with a camera and buzzer system for people who wish to visit our school.  If you would like to enter the middle school, you will need to come to the front door near the office, look into the camera and then press the button and speak clearly to let us know WHO YOU ARE AND HOW WE CAN HELP YOU. Many schools in the area have similar type systems to help provide additional safety for students and staff.

We look forward to seeing your children to start the school year, and invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, Friday                             Wednesdays

1          7:50-8:37 (47)                                                             1          8:50-9:32 (42)

2          8:40-9:26 (46)                                                             2          9:35-10:16 (41)

3          9:29-10:15 (46)                                                           3          10:19-11:00 (41)

4          10:18-11:04 (46)                                                         1st Lunch        11:00-11:30 (30)

Group A                                                                                  4A       11:03-11:44 (41)

Lunch 11:07-11:37 (30)                                                         4B       11:33-12:14 (41)

Target Time    11:37-11:58 (21)                                             2nd Lunch       11:44-12:14 (30)

Group B                                                                                  5          12:17-12:59 (42)

Target Time    11:07-11:28 (21)                                             6          1:02-1:44 (42)

Lunch 11:28-11:58 (30)                                                         7          1:47-2:29 (42)

5          12:01-12:47 (46)                                                         8          2:32-3:14 (42)            

6          12:50-1:36 (46)

7          1:39-2:25 (46)

8          2:28-3:14 (46)


Message from Mr. Leadholm and Mrs. Jones

Welcome to Nikolay Middle School!

Nikolay Middle School serves students in grades 6-8.  The academic curriculum is delivered through an eight period day with a core curriculum consisting of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  In addition, the following exploratory classes are also offered: Art, Spanish, Technical Education, and Business Education.  Physical Education, and music classes such as General Music, Choir, and Band are the final components of the curricular offerings at NMS. Additionally, we have Target Time four days a week. Target Time is an advisory period during which small groups of students engage in character education, team building, and academic enhancing activities.

NMS Philosophy: Nikolay Middle School strives to create an atmosphere of learning for the development of students as individuals and as members of the community and society in which they live.  We attempt at all times to foster this student development or growth while also being cognizant of community and student needs. 

We help all students successfully complete their educational program and demonstrate continuous growth on local, state, and national assessments.

We provide social-emotional well being so that students are prepared to learn.

We support innovative efforts for students and staff that promote 21st Century Learning.

PBIS: This acronym stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  Character education and positive behavioral choices are the core of this program.   Lessons are taught regarding empathy, integrity, decision making, goal setting, peer pressure and bullying. 

RtI: This acronym represents Response To Intervention.  At NMS, students are tested three times per school year to assess the level of mastery in mathematics and literacy concepts.  For those students who are need of additional help in these academic areas, we offer remediation studies. For those students who have demonstrated a level of competence, we provide enrichment instruction.

Music: Nikolay Middle School offers a wide variety of options for our students in the music program.  In addition to the Band and Choir classes, we also offer students the opportunity to participate in Show Choir, Swing Choir, Jazz Band, and Solo and Ensemble Competitions.

Athletics: NMS is a proud member of the Maunesha League that is made up of the following schools—Cambridge, Columbus, Deerfield, Marshall, Palmyra, and Waterloo.  The following sports are offered for our students: cross county, girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, and boys and girls track.

Clubs and Activites: NMS provides opportunities for students to participate in the Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Science Olympiad, Peer Mediators, and the Math Competition Team.

SMART Board Technology: Cambridge School District has SMART Boards in all of our academic classrooms.  NMS teachers and staff continuously implement new strategies with SMART Board applications for enhanced instruction.

We are proud of Nikolay Middle School and the educational opportunities we provide our students.  For more information please contact the middle school at 608-423-7335.

Go Blue Jays!!

John Leadholm, Dean of Students                                   

Krista Jones, NMS Building Administrator

211 South Street
Cambridge, WI  53523
Phone:  608-423-7335
Fax:  608-423-4499


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