CHS Band at Solo/Ensemble Competition

Congratulations to our Cambridge music students for so many excellent performances at Solo and Ensemble this past Saturday. Cambridge was very well represented.  We are so proud of you!

The following events and/or students will be moving on to State Solo & ensemble at UW-Whitewater at the end of April - some of these students are moving onto state for multiple events both in band and choir...

Hailey Last and Emma Nottestad

Audrianne Kieler
Kiersten Raby
Olivia Bamlett

The Percussion Ensemble - 6 students
The Concert Choir Treble Vocal Ensemble - 14 students
The Concert Choir Tenor/Bass Vocal Ensemble - 7 students
The Woodwind Ensemble - 28 students
The Saxophone quartet with Cody Kaashagen, Sierra Jelinek, Kiersten Raby and Amanda Punsel
Teagan Wlescher
Sam Thompson 
Cora Griesemer
Kyla Tobias