Target|Standards-Based Grading

3=Proficient (You Got It)  The student has fully demonstrated content proficiency and skill application of the outcomes for the particular target at this point in the school year.

2=Approaching (Almost Got It)  The student has demonstrated partial proficiency of the expected content|skill in the assessment.  Partial development indicates a progress with gaps in understanding or perhaps certain misconceptions.

1=Needs Support (Not Quite Yet)  The student has demonstrated little or no evidence of content proficiency of outcomes.  The student has large gaps in understanding and|or application and is able to show success only with significant adult assistance.

X=Not Graded this Trimester

Traditional Grading Target|Standards-Based Grading
  • A,B,C,D,F represent percentage of points accumulated.
  • Non-academic factors affect grades such as participation, attendance, late work, etc.
  • Everything is graded and averaged together.
  • Early assignments can skew the final grade.
  • Reports a single grade for each class.
  • 3,2,1 represent student performance in relation to specific standards|targets.
  • Based on common core national, state, and district standards.
  • A report of what students know and are able to do.
  • Reflect academic performance only.
  • Behavioral information (called Student Success Attributes) reported separately.

Our goal for all learners is to earn the grade mark of 3, to show that they are meeting our challenging grade level standards and expectations.