Celebrating Positive Behaviors

Our school loves to promote and celebrate positive behaviors through our Little Jay Way slips and our school-wide incentives. Students can earn Little Jay Way slips for making choices that are “Above the Line”. The Little Jay Way slips are collected and counted together as an entire school to earn layers on our Great “Bee-havior” hive outside of the office. Once the bee hive is filled to the top, we earn an all-school incentive to celebrate our great behavior!

Our Mission...

Captivate young minds with integrity

Enhance learning atmospheres and attitudes

Support all positive behaviors

Our Purpose...

To implement a proactive approach for preventing and responding to school-wide discipline problems.

What is PBIS?

Cambridge Elementary is a PBIS school. PBIS is an acronym that stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This means we work together to encourage positive behaviors and create a safe environment for all students. PBIS also works to prevent and address problem behaviors.

PBIS is implemented in three tiers. Tier 1 focuses on setting and teaching behavioral expectations in all areas of the school including at recess, on the bus, in the hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, and classroom. Tier 2 and Tier 3 allow educators to focus more closely on the needs of groups or individual students. In these tiers, data is collected on student behavior. This data is then used by administrators and our PBIS teams to reteach appropriate and correct problem behaviors.

PBIS Voice Level Chart

We use a voice level chart throughout Cambridge Elementary School. For example, we expect our students to use Zero Noise Level (0) in the hallways but students are allowed to use a Conversation Level (3) in our cafeteria during lunch. Our staff will be teaching our expectations to your child throughout the school year. Please help us teach these levels to you child—they apply to many other public locations in and around Cambridge.

PBIS Resources

PBIS Voice Level Chart
Each area in our school is unique and may require a different voice level as shown in this chart.

Above the Line Details
This above link provides a one-page description of our school-wide discipline program.

Wisconsin PBIS Network
Ideas and resources for families and educators.

PBIS Expectations
Covers how students are to behave in school situations.