WIN is an acronym for "What I Need."  WIN is in full swing at CES.  WIN time is an effort to provide students with additional instruction that they need.  Data meetings take place in PLC's to review results and ultimately plan for instruction that will close achievement gaps and|or provide enrichment opportunities as needed.  WIN time is a systematic effort to promote a second (or possibly a third) "helping" of instruction targeting reading and math needs.  This time is an addition to reading and math instruction that is already taking place within classrooms and is organized as follows:

Grade 2:  8:05-8:35
Grade 5K & 1:  8:30-9:00
Grade 5:  9:05-9:35
Grade 3:  9:35-10:05
Grade 4:  10:05-10:35

WIN time takes place daily and students are organized into flexible groups depending upon progress and content.  Educational Assistants and Interventionists are a critical part oto the groups design in efforts to keep group size smaller while providing appropriate instruction for all.  WIN time allows us to provide valuable instruction that supports students not being pulled from other subjects.