Cambridge High School has enjoyed a rich history of academic excellence. We have consistently scored above the state and national averages on standardized tests. We continue to exceed the state average in  ACT scores. In addition, the number of students that achieve college-ready scores in the core academic areas has increased. We continue to increase the number of students taking AP course offerings—also increasing the number of students achieving a score of three or better on the AP exam.

We offer a wide range of Programming for advanced learners, students at risk, and students with exceptional educational needs. Our guidance office helps to assist students with appropriate programming for their individual learning needs. Smart board technology is now available in every academic classroom so our teaching staff, trained in this technology, can provide enhanced, interactive instruction for all students. Computer guided courses are used to individualize instruction where appropriate.

AP Course Offerings Research has shown that students who are exposed to at least one college level course while still in high school are more likely to be successful in their post-high school program. To support our students, we offer several in-house courses in English Literature, Calculus, Psychology, Government, Art, Biology, and Spanish. Other online courses can be accessed according to the individual learning needs of the student. Our guidance department is available to assist students and parents with appropriate AP programming.

In an effort to keep parents involved in their child's education, teachers will post course syllabi and lesson plans on their school web pages. Rubrics are used whenever possible to clarify the learner outcomes and grading criteria. Parents can use their Family Access account to review student grades.

Academic Competitions

  • Academic Bowl
  • Academic Decathlon
  • Capitol Conference Academic Competitions
  • Conference and State Math Contests
  • Forensics
  • Literary Journal
  • Top Ten Academic Recognition Banquet