Welcome to the IMC!

We invite you to come to the Instructional Media Center (IMC) before and after school as well as during study halls for quiet study, reading, and research. The IMC, centrally located in the high school, provides you with resources and services relevant to instruction, promoting technology, fostering an interest in reading, and encouraging the development of lifelong information skills.

IMC staff will maintain a peaceful atmosphere and request that students using the IMC respect the rights of others by studying or reading quietly. The IMC is not a place for social visiting. Students who wish to use the IMC for study hall should report to their study hall teacher before coming to the IMC. If there is an overflow of students or other discipline problems, the IMC staff has the right to send student back to study hall or class.

Note: The computers that are available to students are for school-rated projects only. Computers are not to be used for game playing during school hours.

Library Procedures


Books are checked out for a 4 week period and renewable if needed. If a book is unavailable students may place a reserve on the item. The IMC will notify the student when the item becomes available.

Note: Fines are assessed at $.05 per day per item with a one day grace period. Only days that school is in session are counted towards a fine.


Current issues are on display racks and can only be read in the IMC. If an article is needed from a current issues, a copy can be made by the IMC staff. Back issues are available for check out for two weeks.

Note: Fines are assessed at $.05 per day per item with a one day grace period.

Teacher-Reserved Material

Teachers may reserve a limited number of books for an assignment. In some cases these books may only be used in the IMC. With permission from the teacher, these books may be allowed to be check out overnight but need to be returned before classes start the following day.

InterLibrary Loan

If the Cambridge High School IMC does not have a title that you are interested in, you may put in a request for the title so we can try to borrow the item from another library.


The computers available for students in the IMC and lab are for school-related projects only. Printers may be used with permission for class assignments only. The Cambridge School District has a board-approved policy for computer and network use that we follow. All students have received a copy of that policy.