Welcome to the main office of Cambridge High School. For any general office or attendance questions, please contact Janelle Bamlett. For any student matter please contact Pete Moe or Denise Parker. For any athletic questions please contact Dawn Wiliams or Mike Klingbeil.

Bamlett, Janelle
CHS Office Manager
608-423-3261 ext. 3123

Klingbeil, Michael
CHS Physical Education & Health Teacher/Athletic Director
608-423-3261 ext. 3130

Moe, Pete
CHS/NMS Dean of Students
608-423-3261,  Ext. 2121

Parker, Denise
CHS School Counselor
608-423-3261 ext. 3117

Schneider, Keith
Principal Cambridge High School
608-423-3261 ext. 3131

Paul, Catherine 
School Nurse
608-423-4345 ext. 4104

Williams, Dawn 

A.D. Assistant

608-423-4345 ext. 3113