Reflecting Your High School Years

All students will be expected to complete a portfolio and to participate in an Exit interview before graduating from Cambridge High School. The portfolio should reflect some of the experiences you have had while attending Cambridge High School. Use a three-ring binder to collect these materials.

Your portfolio must be submitted to Mrs. Parker by April 15!

Senior Portfolio Requirements
This link shows the Portfolio requirements. The items below are the documents listed in the order you need to place them in your portfolio. All documents should be typed (with the exception of your goal sheets and goal reflections summaries).

2. Cover Letter format

3. Resume Template

4. Personal Information Sheet

5. Individual Learning Plan - 4 year Plan

6. Co-curricular Participation Form

7. Non School Participation Form

8. Goal Sheet
Your goal sheets should already be completed so you can obtain them from your homeroom advisor and place them in your portfolio.

9. Goal Reflection Summary
These should already be completed as well, with the exception of your senior year reflection, so you can obtain these from your homeroom advisor as well.

10. Teacher Recommendation Form
These forms should be used if you haven't already received 2 letters of recommendation from teachers already for college entrance, scholarships, etc.

11. Other Recommendation Form
This should be filled out by an employer if you currently have a job. If you aren't currently employed someone you are volunteering for, a coach, or an extra curricular advisor are people who can fill this document out for you.

12. Reflection Activity for Academic Areas
This form should be placed in front of every academic example explaining it so your exit interviewer knows why you included it in your portfolio.

13. Reflection Activity for Elective Area Examples
This sheet should be in front of every elective area example explaining why you included it in your portfolio.