Mower - Minimum offer - $800. Highest offer above $800 will be deemed the winning offer

Snow plow blade and brush - Minimum offer - $1,000 (includes both pieces). Highest offer above $1,000 will be deemed the winning offer.

* Special note on the mower and snow plow blade and brush. Preference will be given to offers that include the mower and snow plow blade/brush. A situation may arise where the District would take an offer less than the highest offer on the mower and/or snow plow blade and brush provided all three pieces are being packaged together. This is also provided that all offers are above the minimum. 

The District will not sell any of the equipment under the listed minimum offer.

If you have any questions on the equipment or would like to come take a look, please contact Randy Staubli at rstaubli@cambridge.k12.wi.us or Dale Vethe at dvethe@cambridge.k12.wi.us.

Offers will be accepted until 4:00 pm, Friday, November 10. Offers may be submitted to Mark Worthing via email at mworthing@cambridge.k12.wi.us.