The instruction of students in Human Growth and Development is a partnership. The school's role is to factually teach human growth and development; the parent's role is to share factual information, and explain and infuse family values. The goal of the partnership is to facilitate communication between parents, students and the school.

  • As required by state law the Cambridge School District has appointed an advisory committee composed of parents, teachers, school administrators, health care professionals, members of the clergy and other residents of the school district.
  • Annually, parents will be provided an outline of the human growth and development curriculum used in their child's grade level. Parents will be invited to preview all instructional materials well before information is presented in class. Materials shall be made available upon request.
  • Parents may exempt their child from all or part of the human growth and development curriculum. If a student is exempted, he/she will be held accountable for an alternative study of health topics.

Each three years, a committee is formed to discuss the curriculum and recommend changes to it.  The following members served on the latest advisory committee:

  • Bernie Nikolay
  • Keith Schneider (administrator member)
  • Kristin Gowan
  • Erin Spear (school nurse member)
  • Patty Haas (parent member)
  • Pastor Brenda Lovick (clergy member)
  • Kelly Cunningham (counselor member)
  • Keegan Zibell (student member)
  • Zoey Knops (student member)
  • Laurel Harrison (parent member)
  • April Horton (parent member)
  • Beka Johnson (teacher member)
  • Darcy Holzhueter (parent member)
  • Krista Jones
  • Dean Smithback
  • Chris Holt

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