Cambridge is an extraordinary destination for your cyber tour. But that can not compare to a real life tour. Nestled in the handiwork of by-gone glaciers, Cambridge offers a small rural community with a blend of scenic views, abundant agriculture, and an exceptional downtown shopping experience. Located in south central Wisconsin, some 18 miles southeast of Madison and just 60 miles west of Milwaukee, Cambridge has become an ever-popular destination for tourists and for families commuting to either city for their employment. It provides a wide range of unique shops, restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and walking/biking trails surrounded by a blend of agriculture and pristine scenery. The shores of Lake Ripley lap against wonderfully kept Foundation Park, which is but one of six uniquely different parks that are a part of the greater Cambridge community.Within this rich cultural and scenic setting the School District of Cambridge learning community commits itself to add to the well-being of the greater Cambridge community. Home to 923 plus students, the District draws students from the village of Cambridge, village of Rockdale and parts of the seven townships that have the District’s borders within.

Support for the schools has been abundant. In 1996, the District electorate approved a $16.51 million dollar referendum that resulted in a brand new Cambridge Elementary School complete with Olympic size community pool, the beautifully renovated Nikolay Middle School and significant improvement to Cambridge High School as well as a completely restructured athletic field complex with a new football/soccer/track and field stadium.

Most fundamentally, the School District of Cambridge offers a truly high quality education. Low class sizes and a skilled and dedicated professional educational team provide a learning community for students to attain legitimately excellent preparatory skills for college and technical school planning or immediate entrance into the workforce. Test scores and other data support the knowledge that our students are succeeding in their life goals with a diverse blend of well-developed skills.

None of this though would be of any consequence without the foundation and framework of a “heart” for the District. The desire to develop sound minds is built upon the primary goals of seeking to engender a next generation of men and women of character, integrity and ethical soundness. The theme of having a “heart” for the physical, mental, social and emotional “well-being” of ALL who make up the School District of Cambridge learning community is at the core of the present and future directions of this District.

We hope you enjoy your “web” tour of our schools. We would welcome you to visit us in person sometime soon. Please feel free to give me a call and I will gladly arrange a personal tour of our schools for you and your family.

We wish you and your family a successful school year wherever you may call your home.

Bernard J. Nikolay
District Administrator