Credit Card Usage Rules and Procedures
A District Credit Card is available for checkout from the main office in each building. If you are interested in processing your own online order, in store purchase, conference registration, etc, this document will step you through that process.

(How To) Create a Requisition
Step by Step instructions for creating a requisition for a General Vendor.

(How To) Create a Requisition for Nasco

(How To) Create a Requisition for School Specialty

(How To) Create a Requisition for Staples

(How To) Print a Purchase Order
A Purchase Order is just a requisition that has been approved. If you are unable to locate your requisition in the Purchasing Activity list, your requisition has not been approved yet. Please give 1 week for the approval process.

Reference document of District Account Numbers

Online Account Review Instructions

Check Request Form

Deposit Slip

Credit Card Receipt Form
This form is for Faculty/Staff that have been issued a "personal" District Credit Card. Not for use with the Credit Card Checkout Usage!