Q: What if students transfer to a traditional school? Will they lose time and/or credits?

A: Students transfer schools all the time. Each time a student transfers, the sending and receiving school communicate to determine proper student placement and credit. The same will be true for students coming from Koshkonong Trails. Koshkonong Trails students still earn credit; they just do so by mastery through projects which is different than traditional schools. They will not be credit deficient if they transfer out.

Q: Will students have transportation?

A: In district students receive the same transportation services as all other Cambridge schools. Open enrolled students are eligible for transportation within district borders. Talk to us about options!

Q: What happens if you have too many/few students?

A: If Koshkonong Trails has more applicants than the limit determined by the district and governance board, a lottery will be held to determine final student placements.

Q: What is the student to staff ratio?

A: Koshkonong Trails will have a 12 : 1 student : staff ratio. In addition, the Severson Learning Center Director will work closely with students on their projects.

Q: What does the curriculum look like?

A: Student work Koshkonong Trails has three main components.

  • Individual Student Projects: The area with the most freedom, students have voice and choice in the topic and nature of their individual projects. In order to continue progressing, students collaborate with teachers to the learning targets for their grade to make sure they are addressing them.
  • Seminars: Teacher-created seminars coach students to think in different ways and expand their horizons. Each semester the seminars offered will change, and each student only must pick one.
  • Collaborative Study: For courses that have a more rigorous sequencing like Math and Foreign Language, students work in collaborative teams with the assistance of an instructor to progress through the program.

Have your own question that's not answered here? Email Jennifer Scianna, Severson Learning Center Director