Being a student at Nikolay Middle School means getting to explore a variety of subjects. Why? We believe it is in the best interest of students of middle school age to have a wide variety of learning experiences in different curricular areas that help them make informed choices in elective curriculum areas as they enter high school.

The exploratory curriculum in Grade 6 includes nine weeks each of Computers, Technology Education, Art, and Spanish. Students begin the year with one of these exploratory classes and then rotate every nine weeks until they have had all four courses. All students are involved in music through band and/or chorus, or general music instruction for a minimum of one semester each year. General Music is a one-semester course.

Students in Grade 7 take twelve weeks each of Art, Computer Technology, and Technology Education.

Students in Grade 8 take Art, Computer Technology, Family and Consumer Science (FACS), and Technology Education for nine weeks each.