Welcome from The Dean of Students!

I am the Dean of Students for both Nikolay Middle School and Cambridge High School. I spend my mornings at one school and then my afternoons at the other. My role as the Dean of Students is to provide support to students and families. At any time, if there are questions or concerns, I invite you to contact me!

As the Dean, I assist all students to make good life choices. I believe in students and families. My goal is school safety along with emotional and academic support of all learners. I have a proactive, hands-on philosophy. I know it can be tough to be a teenager. Most young people make mistakes. The person we see as a student walking the halls may have a very different life and outlook 5 years after graduation. The years go by fast. My role at the Cambridge School District is to serve society, to assist all learners and support them to realize their potential through goal-setting. I have high expectations for all. I will continue to learn as much as I can about community resources, emotional supports, employment, colleges and careers to serve all students.

My vision as an educational leader is to uphold practices of equity and push for increased student achievement for all. I believe in the importance of an integrated learning environment. My vision is to assist my administrative team to provide a school climate where all students and staff have a sense of belonging and support. Weekly I work with a team to resolve issues or academic barriers that students might experience. Sometimes there are no easy answers but I am committed to never give up on students.

This is my 18th year working in public education. In past years I have worked as a school counselor, school-to-work coordinator, district scholarship coordinator, and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator. Along with wearing many hats through the years, I have toured over 55 colleges in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota while staying in over 25 dorm rooms during my summers. My husband and I currently own two businesses. My background also includes a variety of diverse employment. I have worked on a hospital floor and in emergency room intake. I have worked for a hair salon, in retail, I have had employment in manufacturing working with Harley Davidson parts, and for Dean Foods. I have also had multiple jobs in hospitality settings. I have two Master's Degrees, one in Educational Leadership and the other in School Counseling. I am a licensed school counselor, principal and director of instruction. I believe we should never stop learning.

Go Blue Jays!!

Mrs. Angela Salamone
Dean of Students, Nikolay Middle School and Cambridge High School