Thank you and Kudos
Bernie Nikolay, Superintendent
Monday, September 11, 2017

-Thanks to all administrative staff and office managers for their efforts to make student registration day such a success.  Special recognition to Karen Stenjem and Keith Schneider for all of their planning and preparation that made the day go so smoothly.  Lastly, thanks to all of our staff volunteers who came out to assist us on this important day. 

-Kudos to Jessica Borgardt, Food Service Director, for making breakfast available to student in each of our building this coming year.  Also, thanks to Jessica for taking further steps to reduce food that contain nuts in our school lunch program. 

-Thanks to all of our CHS varsity head coaches who came together last Tuesday evening to discuss how our sport teams can be the leaders in the conference in sportsmanship, how to improve our communication with our athletes and families and other important topics related to our upcoming sport season.