Suicide Help-Line Infomation

Our district social worker, Kristin Gowan, shares this important information she received from a recent conference, which was shared by a speaker, Kevin Hines. Kevin is a suicide prevention activist, a suicide survivor, himself.

Suicide rates are increasing by the day during COVID. Please stay vigilant and observant. If you are worried about a student or a colleague, ask these 3 questions:

1. Are you thinking of killing yourself? (Using the word killing is important instead of ending your life or committing suicide)
2. Do you have a plan of action?
3. How can I help you stay?

This can be life saving. If you get a yes to these questions, stop what you are doing and immediately call for help. Suicidal, depressive thoughts, mental pain are all brain problems that can be treated. Attached is the local crisis/helplines specific to our area. Stay vigilant and observant. And please, ask for help if you, yourself, are struggling.

Kevin Hines's story is remarkable; to read more about him and his work, see his website