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Severson Learning Center History

(A Brief Look At How We Arrived To The Present) 

In 1987, life-long resident, farmer and community supporter, Oscar Severson bequeathed his family farm to the School District with the stipulation that it be used “ in the main” by the District’s agriculture program to aid in the education of “farming”.  Mr. Severson’s will went on to say “Naturally there could be many other uses such as the biology, zoology, home economics, shop studies, and it is my desire that said farm, house, and buildings be used to aid and assist in the education of all students in the Cambridge Community school system.”

Since this gifting, the agriculture department has made many good uses of this wonderful facility with the faithful and meaningful support of the Cambridge FFA Alumni Association.  It has been used for student studies and a wide range of FFA projects.  The FFA Alumni have helped crop the tillable acreage and, from the funds generated, have provided funding to support student FFA projects, attendance at FFA state and national events and  valuable student scholarships.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has jurisdiction over and has supported development of the two woodland areas and the wetlands.

The Severson Learning Center - Envisioning New Opportunities)

 In January, 2007, after much discussion about the desire to assure the use of the “school farm” in the broadest intention of Mr. Severson’s desire, the Board held a community meeting to consider the past and envision the future (in keeping with the District’s Mission / Mission Statement).

Board Member Tracy Smithback-Travis chaired  this dynamic and valuable meeting.  From the process Mrs. Smithback-Travis employed, a new vision was struck and a Board Standing Committee was formed.

What has emerged is the “Severson Learning Center”, a new view of the facility with a rich intention of facilitating as wide a range of uses of “The Center” by faculty, as well as the community, as dreams would take us.